"We can’t direct the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

Imagine the wind as a metaphor for life and all the twists and turns it presents you with; whether that’s financially, economically, politically or domestically are all things broadly outside of our control. The sails are your financial plans or resources.

This statement perfectly encapsulates our approach to Wealth Management at Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd.

Since the very beginning, Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd has firmly believed that choosing an independent financial adviser is one of the most important decisions you will make. By using Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd, you can be sure that your collective financial needs can be regularly reviewed, discussed and amended in an ever-changing financial climate. Our specialty knowledge, accumulated and honed over the last 28 years’ experience is in Pensions, Investment & Tax:


Planning for your retirement is a process of constant evaluation and reappraisal, you will likely accumulate a range of “pensions” over your years of work, retirement planning therefore isn’t a one-off event it’s an everchanging journey and one in which an experienced and knowledgeable guide is essential to a successful outcome.

With life expectancy increasing year on year, we are now seeing the potential to spend almost as many years enjoying retirement as you spend saving for it. Planning for it correctly will provide you with the standard of living you wish after you stop work. Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd will guide you through the seemingly complex options based on your needs, your risk appetite, the existing resources you’ve already accumulated and after implementing the recommendation, work with you to keep you on track.


Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd can help you make informed decisions about the investment choices that are right for you by assessing your life priorities, goals, your attitude towards investment risk and your capacity for loss. Any number of changing circumstances could cause your wealth to diminish, some inevitable and some unpredictable – new taxes and legislation, volatile markets, inflation, and changes in your personal life. Structuring your wealth in a way that minimises the impact of these changes or that can be quickly adapted is essential to long term financial success.

Tax Planning

At Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd, we are committed to maximising tax efficiency and avoiding unnecessary tax liabilities applying our knowledge of the relevant tax legislation and using the appropriate tax allowances available to you under UK tax law. Tax inefficiency is just as damaging to an investment portfolio as poor investment allocation.

We make sure you understand how different taxes operate and work with you to claim all your reliefs, entitlements and allowances. We also recommend tax-efficient investments to suit your requirements. If you are liable to pay tax, we can help you plan or postpone these payments in advance. We will also inform you of any changes to tax legislation that could affect you.

Estate Planning

Effective estate planning is about getting the right balance between maintaining access to your money when you need it and reducing the tax liability on your estate that your beneficiaries will have to pay.

As well as planning to minimise Inheritance Tax we are adept at the creation of Wills, family-controlled trust frameworks and for the last five years have been providing probate administration for our deceased clients ensuring an orderly transition of their wealth to their chosen loved ones. At Capital Wealth Solutions Ltd, we can help you choose structures and trusts designed to protect your assets and give your family lasting benefits.

We have been creating Lasting Powers of Attorney for our clients worried about their diminishing health and been able to look after them when it’s become time for them to go into full time care by ensuring their financial resources are able to underwrite their on-going comfort and security.